About us

Clean Team Pros L.L.C. offers residential and commercial cleaning services to the Mahoning Valley.  We are a professional cleaning service here to provide you, our valued customer, the service you request with the quality you deserve. 






Eco Friendly Cleaning

We use eco-friendly products in all our cleaning because the safety of your family members, pets, our cleaning techs, and the environment is important to us! 

Trusted, Reliable and Fully Insured 

Your home contains all of your most valuable and personal items; feel safe knowing we are fully insured and all cleaning techs are required to pass a criminal background check.  We only hire cleaning techs who take pride in their work and appreciate building great business relationships.   

Making Your Space Squeaky Clean

How we do this you ask? A thorough training process for cleaners, using only eco-friendly cleaning products in conjunction with professional cleaning tools, business software, and technology to keep your cleaning plan organized and accessible.    

OUr commitment to you